West Florida Shelf Model (WFS ROMS)

The WFS ROMS uses the ROMS 2.0 code. ROMS is a hydrostatic, 3D, primitive equation, free surface model using an s-coordinate in the vertical. The WFS ROMS model is nested in the NAT HYCOM model. The WFS ROMS model bathymetry is a hand checked ETOPO5 topography merged with the HYCOM model bathymetry at the boundary. The horizontal curvilinear grid has a resolution of 4 km near the coast. At the boundary the resolution is reduced to 10 km and matches the approximately the NAT HYCOM resolution. The model is forced at the surface by NCEP NAM heat and momentum fluxes.

Daily Forecasts

Model without tides (daily results)

single panel Plot the forecasts interactively in a single panel
double panel Compare two different forecasts or variables
single panel Experimental HAB cell count forecasted trajectories:
single panel Experimental vertical section of model results
BSOP Validation with BSOP temperature and salinity data

Model with tides (hourly results; experimental)

single panel Model animation with tides


Physics hydrostatic 3D primitive equations, free surface
Model ROMS 2.0
Topography modified ETOPO5 merged with HYCOM
horizontal grid curvilinear grid with 4 km resolution near the coast and 10 km resolution at the open boundary
vertical grid 32 s-coordinates
Atmospheric forcings NCEP reanalysis and NOGAPS wind and heat fluxes and SST relaxation or NCEP NAM
Open boundary conditions temperature, salinity and velocity from operational 1/12 degree North Atlantic HYCOM (experimental)
Initialization from HYCOM
River Climatological river runoff (Mississippi River, Mobile River, Apalachicola River, Suwannee River, Hillsborough River, Caloosahatchee River , Shark River)


This nowcast/forecast system is a research product and under construction. No warranty is made, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy or suitability of the model output for any particular application.

Hindcasts simulations

Several hindcasts experiments with different atmospheric forcings and for different time periods can be found here.

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